• Himalayan Black Salt

Hamdani Salt Traders

Hamdani Salt Traders owns salt mines at the Pure Salt locations on the salt range. Pure Salt extraction by modern equipment to fulfill our client’s needs globally. Top standard processing and high quality manufacturing the Himalayan pink salt for exporting to our clients all over the world.  We make sure to maintain Top Quality during the processing. We guarantee our quality is as natural as it is extracted from the mining of Hamdani Mines from the Himalayan salt range. Our customers are our advertisement for the top-quality Himalayan pink salt. We transport it to our clients on our own Goods company (Hamdani Goods) within the country and also till the departure for global clients.

We Listen

We value client's input in every step and that's important.
It is impossible to find the best solution without getting some insights about the business, and that’s where discussion with client matters.


We have been developing websites and doing online marketing for years.
Yes, experience matters a lot. We have learnt a lot from our previous mistakes and because of the experience, we can deliver better services.

We are Passionate

Passion is as important as the experience. We love what we do.
Of course there are other incentives, yet no doubt we take pride in our work and we love working on amazing projects with amazing people.

Creative Solutions

We know how to transform your vision and ideas into reality.
In digital world, user experience is important and in order to make things easier and interesting for your customers, we deliver creative solutions.

Why Choose Us?

      • We prefer clear and straightforward communication with the clients.
      • We hate surprises as much as you do. Everything would be planned.
      • We understand the digital marketing as its potential – that we can unleash.
      • Our team of professionals has years of experience, working on hundreds of projects.
      • We provide a wide range of services under one roof. It makes things easier.

What Our Clients Say:

Shaheer and his team did an amazing work in a short time and mainly we like their approach toward optimizing the website and fixing few bugs we’ve been experiencing since the day one. We simple love it!!
Brent, Lyntech Systems
Among other things, I like their “can-do” attitude towards almost everything. Because of the scope, limitations and unique requirements of our project, we were expecting some issues but everything went through smoothly. These guys have my vote.
Natalia, Юганскнефтегаз

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